What is Long Term Wealth Builders (LTWB)?

Long Term Wealth Builders was created by a group of Internet and Network
Marketers as a way to help others build an online business by helping them
build their teams/downlines in several Online opportunities.

We designed this site so that as others join LTWB thru your referral ID, they
will see the opportunities we recommend, and join thru YOUR referral url.

Does It Cost To Join Long Term Wealth Builders (LTWB)?

There is no membership fee to join Long Term Wealth Builders. However, this was
designed for those that are serious, and while we do not charge for membership in
LTWB, the programs we recommend are not for those that are looking for freebies.
You are building your business, and NO business can be built on free!

What Type Of Opportunities Do You Recommend,
And What Are The Costs?

We look for opportunities that allow you to build serious long term residual incomes,
and don't require a lot of hard to reach qualifications. We want to see you succeed,
so it's important to us that the opportunities we recommend are good companies
with real products and services and great compensation plans.

The opportunities we choose can range from $10 a month to over $100 a month.
Nothing that will break your bank, but real opportunities for people who are serious.

Do You Guarantee Success In These Opportunities?

No. No one can guarantee your success but you. You must be willing to be serious
enough to work these opportunities, learn, and help your teams as they grow. We
recommend opportunities that have proven successful and have simple, easy to
attain qualifications for you to succeed. We're here to help, but the rest is up to you.